Mission Statement

The only International title on Drilling, Drilling Today offers its readers highly specialized information on each & every aspect of drilling in soils and rocks: Mineral resources exploration, piling, construction, quarrying, environmental testing, ground consolidation and geothermal work. Drilling Today is constantly looking at new equipment and technology, describing how it works and explaining its applications. Every issue focuses on a different project somewhere in the world, looking in detail at the equipment used, the problems encountered and the solutions offered. Drilling Today is essential reading for drilling engineers, contractors and all manufacturers of drilling equipment. point!

The Back Bone of Drilling Today

Drilling Today is now more than 19 years old and a lot has happened here since the 1st issue was published. We are not brave enough to label this thirteen years as the finest more than a decade. It's not a contest. However, we are happier to label these Ninteen years…pretty fantastic. Yes, there have been struggle and setback. That is ok. Because, there have always been interesting people doing interesting things. There has always been progress and development. There has always been art and there will be always opinion on how good these things are. We are happy to note that we have been publishing the Drilling Today for more than 19 years without fail in whole India as well as in 66 foreign countries.

  • The back bone of Drilling Today Ninteen years of traffic to our website www.drillingtoday.com.
  • We are proud to say that over 50 thousand pages of current content on our website www.drillingtoday.com.
  • Regular distribution to more than 15 Drilling, Mining Industry Association.
  • Consistent mission and editorial mandate.
  • Most of our clients have continued to advertise with us each and every year for past Ninteen years.
  • Our readers continue to be early adopters and influential, affluent decision makers.
  • Drilling Today is now available in each and every social media like Yahoo, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more.
  • Drilling Today has more than Ten Thousands admirers on facebook page.
  • Drilling Today- "The Drilling, Mining Industry Leader" promises you more leads, for less cost than any other drilling magazine. Reaching over 50 thousand monthly readers and bonus of complete line issue content which reaches untold number of readers world over, for penny per issue, in the only way to ensure your reaching. Another saying I like is "one man junk is another man's treasure" Go for it call - +91 94142-19166