News of the Month

News of The Month

Solinst 105 Well Casing & Depth Indicator

The new 105 Well Casing & Depth Indicator detects metal well casing and measures total well depth using one probe.

A strong magnetic assembly in the probe detects well casing, while a base plunger assembly measures well depth. It is ideal during well construction for determining where metal casing starts and ends in existing installations, and in installing packers.

Geoquip aids Malawi water programme

Charles Stafford explains how Geoquip Water Solutions is helping to aid rural communities in Malawi gain access to clean drinking water by providing cameras and water treatment solutions.

Many rural communities in Malawi now have better access to clean, safe water thanks to an ongoing programme led by the University of Strathclyde and funded by the Scottish government.

The benefits of dual rotary drilling

Overburden and unconsolidated formations have always presented drillers with both very expensive and time-consuming challenges when drilling through cobbles, boulders, heaving sands, fractured

sedimentary sandstone/shales and gravel formations containing large amounts of water. However, what used to take days or even weeks to get the casing installed and hole completed can now be performed in one easy operation, and in a fraction of the time.

Atlas Copco India inaugurates activity based office in Vadodara

Atlas Copco India today inaugurated a new innovative office at Vadodara, Gujarat.

The new office was inaugurated by Giovanni Valent, Managing Director. The new office has been designed and furnished, keeping in mind the principles of activity-based working (ABW). Apart from maximising the efficiency of the space in the office, the inspiring ABW office also contributes to improvement in employee productivity, by creating an inspiring and uplifting environment.